P. Gajdoš: Armed Forces reaffirm to be a strong and stable pillar of Slovakia’s security system

The SVK Armed Forces have reaffirmed to be a strong and stable pillar of the State’s security system, one which is fully ready to defend it. This statement was made by Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš during a press conference on the assessment of the ceremonial military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the 1944 Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica.

Praising service members for a job well done, Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš said: “First and foremost, my thanks go out to all the men and women in uniform and Military Police personnel who participated in the ceremonial military parade. They put in a tremendous amount of work and I am convinced that their trustworthiness has gone up in the eyes of all citizens.” He further noted that the military parade showed the actual progress made in modernising the Armed Forces and providing our soldiers with new clothing items.

In his statement, SVK Chief of Defence Gen Daniel Zmeko said that over 2,500 servicemen and women provided ceremonial support to the military parade. Of them, 1,915 soldiers took part in the ceremonial aspects of the parade – 1,528 soldiers formed the marching columns, 335 crewmen drove military vehicles in mobile columns, 37 airmen flew aircraft, and 15 paratroopers put on an aerial display. And an additional 600 personnel made up the support staff. The parade extravaganza saw 196 ground vehicles and 15 aircraft on display. The parade, 3,400m in length, lasted for 90 minutes. “I, too, wish to thank all servicemen and women for their utmost commitment to the cause,” emphasised CHOD Gen Zmeko.

All types of military hardware in service with the Slovak Armed Forces and in numbers that would not damage the infrastructure were represented at the ceremonial military parade. No damage to the infrastructure has been reported via the hotline set up by the MOD for this purpose. The hotline has been used only by callers who requested information on the local traffic restrictions in place. Finally, Minister Gajdoš thanked the residents of Banská Bystrica and the surrounding villages for their trust, support and patience as well as for tolerating the increased noise levels and traffic restrictions.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - Jakub Neubauer - Date: 30.08.2019
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