Crime Scene 2019

The 7th Crime Scene Police Competition, dubbed Crime Scene 2019, took place at the Training Centre Lešť on 5-6 September 2019.

Director of the Military Police Activities Department Lt Col Pavol Zemek said: “The organisers prepared identical stands where 13 three-member teams battled it out while following highly specialised methodology for documenting crimes. The tasks included, for example, recovering the evidence at the simulated crime scenes and other specific procedures.” He further added: “Besides the traditional organisers from the Presidium of the SVK Police Corps, the SVK Military Police stepped in to co-organise the event for the first time, which testifies to our good cooperation in this field.”

In addition to contestants from the Presidium of the SVK Police Corps and the SVK Military Police, there were also three competing teams from the CZE Police as well as one team from the CZE Military Police, whose members turned out to be the first-place finishers.

Director of the SVK Military Police Col Michal Migát said:“Notwithstanding the competition, it was important that our policemen exchanged specific specialist expertise from their operations.” Col Michal Migát rewarded the best teams at the closing ceremony.

Author: MO SR - Pavol Vitko, Photo: PZ SR - Otto Šimon - Date: 06.09.2019
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