13th Armed Components and Rescue Services Day with Children in Piešťany

The Museum of Military History Piešťany hosted the 13th edition of Armed Components and Rescue Services Day with Children, held under the auspices of Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš, on 7 September 2019. 

The event attracted thousands of visitors from the close and far neighbourhood. Director of the Institute of Military History Bratislava Col Miloslav Čaplovič welcomed a whole host of guests to the event, among others, CHOD Gen Daniel Zmeko, Members of Parliament, local government authorities, and CZE, POL and HUN Defence Attachés accredited to Slovakia. A rich programme awaited young and adult visitors.

General Zmeko expressed his satisfaction with how members of the armed and rescue services presented their work to the public and how they demonstrated their readiness to defend our homeland and protect the health and property of our citizens. At the same time, they put new and period equipment on display.

As part of the programme, which began with a two-ship formation flypast by MiG-29s from the Tactical Wing Sliač and a paratroopers’ parachute drop, visitors saw military vehicles and watched live demonstrations by service personnel. Besides service and MP personnel, policemen, customs officers, firefighters and prison and justice guards, too, made their contributions to Armed Components and Rescue Services Day with Children. Kids had an opportunity to participate in a number of contests and take a closer look inside the Museum’s aircraft, tanks and armoured vehicles.

All visitors were thrilled to watch pilots of the Retro Sky Team Košice engaging in a dogfight as well as a role demonstration, by the Military History Club Kolíňany, of surface-based air defence (SBAD) units defending against an air attack.

Author: MO SR - Jozef Žiak, Photo: MO SR - Jozef Žiak - Date: 07.09.2019
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