P. Gajdoš: If the 8x8 vehicle development programme proves successful, Slovakia will have an IFV of its own production for the first time in the era of its independence

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If the 8x8 vehicle development programme is successfully complete along with successful military trials, Slovakia will have an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of its own production. “It will be manufactured by Slovak companies, we will be competitive, and we will be able to sell it. If we succeed in doing it, I will be a proud Slovakian, because after 25 years we will finally have our own vehicle,” said SVK Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš, speaking “In Politics”, a political debate on the TA3 TV news channel.

Head of the MOD rejects any considerations about the non-transparency of this process. “Anyone who has such information should come forward and inform law enforcement agencies, but we absolutely reject it,” emphasised Minister Gajdoš.

On the supersonic aircraft modernisation programme, Head of the MOD reminded that opposition MP Ľubomír Galko had done nothing about this issue during his tenure as MiOD. “We approach all projects systemically and systematically in line with the Long-Term Defence Development Programme. Dealing with a problem based on how you wake up in the morning – thats not the way we do things. Right from the beginning, we analysed the previous negotiations, which had failed in the end, and based on a mandate from the SVK Government, we are now preparing a new proposed solution,” said Minister Gajdoš.
In today’s debate, Minister Gajdoš said that the personnel issues in the SVK Armed Forces are dealt with in a comprehensive manner and he rejects the populist solutions of Ľubomír Galko MP, who proposes a dual system of social welfare for soldiers – one for newly recruited soldiers and another one for those who have served for years. “We are preparing a comprehensive solution, one which is not only about pay but also about motivation for career progression. We are not going to come up with numbers at random to suit our purpose, we are looking for the best solution for soldiers,” said Head of the MOD.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - KOd - Date: 13.05.2018
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