P. Gajdoš: Procurement of 3D radars via a Gov-to-Gov sales agreement is the most effective solution after the unsuccessful international tender

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The aim of the MOD is to procure 3D radars in order to cater for the SVK Armed Forces’specific requirements in a timely manner. Even 3 years on, the international tender has never reached a successful conclusion. Based on available analyses, the Government-to-Government (G2G) sales have proved to be the most effective and transparent method of purchasing defence equipment, insofar that deliveries and prices are guaranteed by the selling government. Most importantly, this method of procurement rules out any form of corruption. This statement was made today by SVK Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš who was a guest on the Slovak TV and Radio’s Saturday Dialogues, a political debate programme. The MOD objects to the claims that a competitive tender is the only transparent method of procurement.

On the rationale to scrap the tender, SVK Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš explained: “Having not succeeded in signing the Agreement on Transfer of Classified Information for three years, we decided to terminate the tender. Moreover, one of the requirements was to deliver the first 3D radar no later than the end of 2016. The failure to meet the date of delivery could be considered as discriminatory to other potential bidders, and this could be vulnerable to legal challenge. He went on to stress that even if the MOD were to announce a new tender, it could take years without a clear outcome. “We strictly proceed in accordance with valid legislation and the Government-to-Government transactions are absolutely transparent,” he added.

The MOD will also submit a document with a proposed solution for the provision of supersonics to the Security Council and the Cabinet at the end of June. “We absolutely reject the claims that it has already been decided, because it is the Cabinet who is to decide about it. We wish to stay away from any competitive struggles amongst companies. It holds true that we can only work with official bids and lobbyist information is not and cannot be relevant to us,” emphasised Minister Gajdoš, referring to the false information supplied by Ľubomír Galko MP, who, despite the fact that the document is classified at the moment, has spoken about the “pros” of the bids in a debate. In this connection, Minister Gajdoš stressed that he will also submit a non-classified document on the supersonic fleet to the Cabinet for consideration, so that the “advantages” of the final solution can be clearly visible.

On the procurement of the 8x8 platforms, Minister Gajdoš reminded that the process is as transparent as possible and that Milan Krajniak MP has changed his position on the project following the outcome of the recent parliamentary inspection of the SVK MOD. “We are still talking about the vehicles development. The procurement process of serial production cannot be launched until and unless the Cabinet has decided to do so. It also continuously and constantly holds true that our effort is to get our domestic defence industry involved in this process as much as possible, because we want to give jobs to our citizens and Slovak companies and have the most accessible solution even in support of domestic crisis management,” he added.  

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - KOd - Date: 16.06.2018
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