Trials of 4x4 vehicles continue at VTSÚ Záhorie

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Tests and verification trials of 4x4 combat armoured vehicles/multipurpose tactical vehicles have continued at the Military Technical and Testing Institute (VTSÚ) Záhorie this week, to verify the technical specifications of all 4x4 platforms on trial. The results of the tests will then form an analytical section of the document which will, upon its submission, be pending approval by the SVK Cabinet.

On the trialling process, SVK Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš said: “The ongoing trials will verify the real status of the basic technical specifications as stated by the manufacturers of individual 4x4 platforms.” He further noted that the aim of testing the vehicles at VTSÚ Záhorie is to find out whether they fulfil the SVK militaryʼs operational requirements.

A total of 8 vehicles will be trialled, including COBRA 2, EJDER YALCIN, PATRIOT and EAGLE. These four vehicles have made it into the second round of the negotiations. Another 4 vehicles that were on display as brand new or upgraded platforms at IDEB 2018 – GERLACH, PERUN, ALIGATOR MASTER 2 and SHERPA Light APC – have joined the trialling process. The parameters of these vehicles will be measured as well. The MOD seeks to gain a comprehensive picture of verified technical data on as many 4x4 platforms of potential contractors as possible.

The procurement of the 4x4 combat armoured vehicles/multipurpose tactical vehicles is aligned with the Long-Term Defence Development Plan with an Outlook to 2030. It is instrumental to supplying new assets to the SVK Armed Forces. The 4x4 platform requirement has arisen from the current needs of the SVK Armed Forces.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - ilustračné - Date: 27.06.2018
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