Slovak-Hungarian Combined Commission meet to debate current mil-to-mil cooperation issues

The Slovak-Hungarian Combined Commission met in Bratislava on 22 January 2019, to debate current security and political affairs and issues relating to a wide spectrum of bilateral mil-to-mil cooperation. The SVK-HUN CC is chaired by State Secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Defence Róbert Ondrejcsák and Hungarian State Secretary for Defence István Szabó.

The meeting was dominated by discussions on activities being undertaken by both countries within NATO and the EU, especially on the Military Mobility project, Slovakiaʼs PESCO Indirect Fire Support project, which Hungary has recently joined as a regular member, and Hungaryʼs proposal for the stand-up of the NATO Multinational Division HQ.

Both sides agreed on the importance of joint military exercises and training and expressed their interest in ensuring continuity of such activities even in the future. In this regard, Secretary Ondrejcsák highlighted the benefits of the Slovak Shield and Tobruq Legacy exercise series. On joint airspace defence, the leaders reviewed the progress made on the Joint Airspace Protection Agreement. They both agreed that the signing of the Agreement could take place within a short time frame.

The Slovak-Hungarian Combined Commission has met since 1999 on a regular basis, usually once a year, alternately in the Slovak Republic and in Hungary. It is one of the 12 Slovak-Hungarian Combined Commissions which were established on the basis of the Agreement between the Slovak Republic and the Hungarian Republic on Good Neighbourhood and Friendly Cooperation in 1995.

Author: MO SR- KaSTAT2, Photo: MO SR - Ivan Kelement - Date: 22.01.2019
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