Ministry of Defence will support interesting projects of NGOs this year too

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The SVK Ministry of Defence will support the special interest projects of NGOs by offering nearly €100,000 in grants this year too. NGOs are invited to submit a maximum of one project proposal, which may be awarded funding from the MOD, starting from €500 up to €50,000. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2019.

Those eligible for grants are civil associations, foundations, special interest groups of legal entities, non-investment funds, non-profit organizations that are registered in Slovakia and deliver generally valuable services to society and the armed forces community.

The projects must be oriented towards educative, sporting, cultural and social activities and events, whilst encouraging the patriotism of Slovak people, keeping the public updated on EU and NATO developments, training Slovak citizens for homeland defence, promoting the SVK Armed Forces, as well as catering for the cultural, spiritual and social needs of active duty soldiers, reservists, and veterans.

The applications for grants can also be forwarded by NGOs for the purposes of training sporting talents and promoting top level and high performance sports. At the same time, the MOD offers grants for projects aimed at facilitating the recruitment process in the SVK Armed Forces and developing military traditions and heritage, with special focus on military history.

The grants may also be provided to cover the costs associated with attendance at NGO events in support of the armed forces, including membership fees. Further information can be found at → About us → Grants as per a) through d) → Application form for grants,

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - ilustračné - Date: 02.02.2019
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