NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

Basic information:

Official name:

NATO Headquarters Sarajevo


2. December 2004



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mission HQ:


Mission Commander:

brig. gen. Marti J. BISSELL (USA)

Mandate of Slovak forces in the operation:

4 (resolution of the National Council of the SR No.1358 of 1. December 2004)

Current number of Slovak forces in the operation:

1 – cpt. Branislav KOZÁK


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After the decision to end the NATO-led SFOR operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004, NATO has limited its military presence in the country to NATO Headquarters Sarajevo (hereinafter referred to as “headquarters”), staffed with about 200 armed forces members. Its main role is to assist the national authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in implementing Defence Reform in such a way that it provides assistance in building the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina with effective command and control and with transformed military structure which takes into account ethnic affairs. It also assists in implementing transparent budgetary and efficient processes and in ensuring effective democratic and civilian surveillance of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The assistance of the headquarters is crucial for national security and fulfilment of integration ambitions.

The NATO HQ Sarajevo also performs other supportive tasks, such as intelligence activity, planning and control of NATO activities in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, detention of persons suspected of war crimes and so on. In carrying out its tasks, the HQ works in close cooperation with EUFOR ALTHEA HQ.

The Slovak Republic has maintained its military presence in NATO HQ Sarajevo since 2004 (under the terms of resolution of the National Council of the SR No. 1358 of 1 December 2004). Currently, 1 Slovak officer serves in NATO HQ Sarajevo, performing logistics tasks.

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