UNTSO, Near East

Basic information:

Official name:

United Nations Truce Supervision Organization


28. May 1948 (UN SC resolution 50/1948)



Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan

Mission HQ:


Mission Commander:

Maj.Gen. Michael FINN Finland)

Slovak Contingent members:

Cpt. Ivan LAŠŠÚT
Cpt. Maroš ZARIK

Mandate of Slovak forces in the operation:

5 (resolution of the National Council of the SR No. 79 of 11. February 2013)

Current number of Slovak forces in the operation:

2 (February 2013)

webová stránka:

OSN - UNTSO website

The peacekeeping mission UTNSO (United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation, hereinafter referred to as „UNTSO mission“) is the oldest UN peacekeeping mission which was established in 1948. Following the wars in 1956, 1967 and 1973 in the Middle East, the main roles of the UNTSO observers changed in the light of changing circumstances. The key role of the UNTSO observers is to monitor truce and supervise armistice agreements in the region. Among their other roles, the observers act as the means by which isolated incidents could be contained and prevented from escalating into major conflicts. The UNTSO mission currently monitors the borders of four states: Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan with the State of Israel. The UNTSO HQ is located in Jerusalem; other liaison offices are in Damask (Syria), Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan) and Ismailia (Egypt). The UNTSO mission cooperates with UNDOF and UNIFIL. 

Slovak Republic in UNTSO:

In the past, Slovak military observers served in the UNTSO mission under the terms of resolution of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 1153 of 1 July 1998 and resolution of the Government of the SR No. 1057 of 12 December 2007. They currently serve in the mission under the terms of resolution of the Government of the SR No. 79 of 11 February 2013. The members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (AFSR) are authorized to operate across the whole spectrum of the UNTSO mission, i.e. in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The AFSR members in the UNTSO mission may fulfil their duties within observer groups on the Golan Heights (Observer Group Golan, OGG – Syria, Israel and Observer Group Lebanon – Lebanon), the UNTSO HQ in Jerusalem, Israel and within the UNTSO liaison offices dislocated in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. The AFSR members in the UNTSO mission perform the following tasks:

  • monitor the observance of armistice agreement between Israel and neighbouring Arab countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) on the Golan Heights,
  • carry out patrols and inspections aimed at checking the observance of arm control agreements and armistice agreements,
  • participate in other inspections of working duties and responsibilities pertaining to positions held,
  • keep the UNTSO HQ informed on changes in the area of responsibility,
  • inform the mission commanders (UNDOF and UNIFIL commanders) on all matters relating to operational activities of military observers,
  • act as liaison officers between the UNDOF, UNIFIL and UNTSO HQs,
  • organise and coordinate training of all UN military observers in the mission,
  • carry out operational tasks required by the mission HQ and in accordance with the UN SC mandate for the UNTSO mission,
  • perform a variety of staff tasks ordered by the HQ within the staff positions,
  • represent UNTSO in different countries, dislocations of liaison offices, headquarters and liaison teams through meetings, on behalf and upon orders of the UNTSO Chief of Staff and the UNTSO chief civilian official, with government agencies, embassies of the non-warring parties which have reconciled, UN member states, armed forces members of the UN contributing nation, UN liaison offices established in the country of dislocation,
  • supervise the ceasefire in the area of responsibility,
  • prevent the escalation of conflicts in the area of responsibility,
  • promote the UNTSO mission.

Currently, 2 Slovak military observers operate in the Observer Group on the Golan Heights, on Syria´s border with Israel. One of the military observers will be relocated to the Liaison Office in Ismailia (Egypt) by 17 February 2013. The members of the Armed Forces of the SR in the UNTSO mission are unarmed and perform their duties in accordance with the principle of impartiality.

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